“Shams” Renewable energy and energy efficiency financing program

Shams is a lending program that aims to support the transition of the Palestinian enterprises, in particular SME’s, in addition to the individuals towards a ‘Green’ economy.

It is a part of “SUNREF Palestine” one of the FRENCH DEVELOPMENT AGENCY’s projects supported by the European Union.

Program Purpose:-

  • To appraise and finance ‘Green’ projects by providing medium to long-term funding, grant and technical assistance.
  • To create a market for ‘Green’ investments reinforcing services and technologies with a positive environment/ climate impact.
  • To gradually achieve increase in local electricity production from renewable resources and thus decrease the level of imported energy. 

Program Eligibility Criteria:

  • Renewable energy investments:

    All projects with an electricity production/steam/heating/cooling from renewable energy sources (hydro, biomass and biogas, solar, wind, geothermal, etc.)

    • Solar PV:
      • PPA financing based scheme: up to 5 MW.  
      • Corporate Net metering (up to 1 MW). 
      • SME net metering (average 50 kW).
      • Retail net metering (average 5 kW).
  • EE projects:
    • At least 20% of energy consumption reduction if retrofitting.
    • Best available technologies in case of Greenfield projects.

Loan Amount:

Between Euro 5,000 up to Euro 5,000,000.

“Depends on the financed project type and the program’s conditions”

Loan Currency:


Loan to Equity Share:

Depends on the financed project needs.

Loan Tenor:

Between 4-8 years


“Sunref Palestine” affords to the beneficiaries of Shams Program the chance to obtain a grant that reaches up to 20% of the Loan amount this grant is financed by the European Union.It can be accessible after checking and confirming that the financed projecthas been completed in accordance with the relevant investment plans and are on track to achieve the planned objectives and targets.

Required Documents:

  • Feasibility Study filled on the excel structured application.
  • Signed implementation contract if available.
  • licenses and approvals whereas needed “Electricity company, Municipalities, PENRA..etc”

Subject to the bank terms & conditions, in addition to the approval of AFD and EU regarding to the grant.

List of equipment accredited by SUNREF

This list is not restrictive and projects using other types of equipment may also be eligible

SUNREF Palestine Success Stories