Car Loans

  1. Financing up to 100% of the new cars, and 80% of the used cars
  2. Flexible Repayments up to 6 years for new cars and 4 years for used cars.
  3. Competitive interest rates.
  4. No Commissions.
  5. Free credit card.
  6. financing is available to private and public transportation (Taxi).
  7. Zero% financing agreements with car dealer.

Required Documents

  1. Valid national ID (for Residents) or valid passport with valid Resident visa (for Non-Residents)
  2. Latest Salary/ Employment verification document for the borrowers and the guarantors
  3. Dealer price quotation and invoice
  4. Certificate stating vehicle status and market price/value issued from an approved evaluator (For used Cars only)
  5. Car Registration

* The bank reserves the right to ask for additional documents /guarantees