Card Accounts

Debit Card

A payment card that can be used for cash withdrawals, and as a replacement for cash when making purchases. It enables cardholders to use cash immediately from their bank account, whereby payments using the card are immediately transferred from the cardholder's bank account. ATM cards also allow for instant withdrawal of cash through any Cairo Amman Bank ATM machine or other ATM machines that are connected to National Switch System, Jonet, Visa, Master, etc. which obtain immediate approvals from the card source.


A card that enables you to use what is available in your bank account to make purchases through points of sale up to 1000 JOD, and up to 1500 JOD cash withdrawals or equivalent in other currencies daily inside and outside Palestine.

Card Features:
  • Local and international acceptance
  • Smart, user-friendly design with advanced smart chip technology, featuring maximum safety and protection
  • Benefit from the Cairo Amman Bank Discount Program
  • View your account statement and track your transactions through the online banking service (expiry date, card status, card activation or deactivation)
  • Receive free SMS directly when you complete your transactions which helps you manage your spending
  • Maximum financial flexibility that suits your financial requirements
  • Cardholders can activate their cards for e-commerce and online payments from CAB Mobile Banking
  • Benefit from Priceless Arabia: A selection of exclusive offers for cardholders, granting them unique experiences in their favorite cities and places including shopping, sports, travel, dining, hotels, leisure, and tourist activities. For more information, please visit