IRIS Recognition

About this Service

Cairo Amman bank service with iris recognition
Iris recognition technology facilitate all banking transactions for walking in customers (No ID card or Account Number is required) as well as through ATMs with no demand for ATM card or pin code. It is just through the use of person's own iris.

Iris recognition has many advantages over conventional techniques such as:

  1. Using a card /PIN or username /Password. for example : a person's iris is
  2. Non-transferable, it cannot be lost, stolen, forgotten, borrowed or duplicated. In addition to increasing security through the use of iris recognition it offers you a very convenient, fast and more secure access to the bank account. No individual can assume your identity or access an account because a customer will be using his iris to identify himself to the bank.

  3. The iris guard recognition service can detect counterfeit attempts to fool the system using contact lenses and other techniques and will not accept images in that case.
  4. The system does not require two irises to positively verify a person's identity; however, the iris guard imagers are specially designed and capable of capturing both irises of a person at once to produce a perfect match.

All iris guard imager are FCC and CE complaint and approved to meet international eye safety standards, including ANSI/EISNA PR
.1-96 (Photo biological safety of lamps and lighting system) and IEC 60825-1.2-2001.