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ATM Instant Loan

Cairo Amman Bank grant its customers an instant approval on the Fastest Loan in Palestine, 24×7 instant loans on up to 1000 JD can be Disbursed through our ATM network in Palestine.

  1. Insert your MasterCard ATM card in any ATM machine in Palestine and wait for the pre-approved instant Loan screen.
  2. Press on “Other Services” and select “Instant Loan”.
  3. Terms and Conditions page appears, with “Accepts” and “Do Not Accept” options.
  4. By choosing “Do Not Accept” you will get back to “Other Services” menu.
  5. By choosing “Accept” you will be asked to chose the account number you want to transfer the loan to.
  6. When finished, you can withdraw the amount of the loan from your account as a usual withdraws procedure.

* The bank reserves the right to ask for additional documents / guarantees