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Who Is “Sara”?

“Sara”: a digital virtual character, working through conversation technology via artificial intelligence (AI), which allows the possibility of conducting conversations with customers over the internet in a way that simulates a chat between two people and is able to understand what a person writes, respond to it and provide assistance to them so that they can manage and track their accounts freely and easily within a safe environment, at any time (24/7), in both Arabic and English, knowing that this service is free.

You can access “Sara” through:

Messenger on the verified Cairo Amman Bank – Palestine page or through the bank’s website: that has a padlock icon .

  1. Go to the verified Facebook page of Cairo Amman Bank – Palestine
    • Make sure that the blue verification sign is next to the page name
    • Start talking to “Sara” by clicking on “Send Message”
  2. Or visit the bank’s website
    • Make sure of the padlock icon and the secure internet connection
    • Start talking to “Sara” through clicking on “Talk to Sara” icon
  • Start talking to “Sara” (e.g., type “hello”).
  • Several options will appear to you, click on “Login”.
  • “Sara” will ask you about your unified customer number, which consists of 8 digits, such as: 20123456.
  • If you are a new subscriber, “Sara” will inform you of the need to register with the service to enjoy its benefits, and if you wish register, click on “Register with Sara!”.
  • After completing the data filling, please read the terms and conditions by clicking on “Terms and Conditions”. If you agree to them, you must tick the box next to “I agree to the terms and conditions to register for this service”.
  • Click on “Register”.
  • “Sara” will verify your data, and if it matches the information available with the bank, “Sara” will inform you of the success of the registration process, after which the system will send an SMS to your mobile phone to inform you of the success of the process and provide you with the unified customer number to use in the login process.
  • After the process is successful, please close the registration window and return to chatting with “Sara” on Messenger.
  • Type the word “Login”.
  • “Sara” will ask you for your unified customer number.
  • “Sara” will send a secret code (6 digits) to the mobile number approved by the bank (to which you receive withdrawal and deposit messages from the bank), and this code is valid for a one-time use and for 2 minutes only.
  • “Sara” will ask you about the secret code sent, provide it to access the service.

“Sara” provides you with a wide range of electronic banking services, please write your request in clear words so that “Sara” recognizes your request directly.

“Sara” services are divided into 3 main types:

  • General services.
  • Account services.
  • Card services.
  • Sending complaints and inquiries to the bank.
  • Inquiries about the locations of the bank’s branches.
  • Inquiries about the bank’s ATM locations (it will also inform you if the requested ATM is out of service or does not have a specific service, for example: the unavailability of cash withdrawals from the Jordanian dinar denomination).
  • Inquiries about currency rates.
  • Inquiries about the latest marketing campaigns announced by the bank.
  • Inquiries about the working hours of the bank’s branches.
  • The ability to view account balances.
  • Providing a short statement of account for the last 10 transactions.
  • Submitting a direct checkbook request.
  • Transferring money between the accounts of the same customer or to another customer within the bank.
  • Request the IBAN number of a specific account.
  • Mobile phone recharge service, with a minimum of 10 shekels.
  • Mobile bill payment service for postpaid and Mix subscribers.
  • Activate/deactivate a credit or debit card.
  • Activate/deactivate/modify online shopping limit.
  • A list of restricted transactions on a credit or debit card.
  • Manage debit card accounts only (add/cancel/change primary account).
  • Resend the pre-established password for the debit and credit card via SMS to the customer’s mobile number approved by the bank.
  • Knowing the credit card balance.
  • A statement of credit card transactions.
  • Direct and instant payment of the credit card balance from the customer’s various accounts.

* “Sara” continuously provides new banking services.

* For more information, please call 701 701 1700.