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International Bank Account Number (IBAN)

What’s an International Bank Account Number (IBAN)?

  • The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a digital organization for customer’s accounts in the banking sector at the national level based on international standards for account numbers, which achieves a recognized national standardization for the number of account number digits.
  • It is not a new account number, but rather an improved version of the customer’s current account number, which enables banking systems to read these numbers easily, accurately, and quickly.
  • IBAN is used for incoming and outgoing money transfers.
  • It helps with applying the direct automated execution of money transfers, which leads to the reduction of manual processes and any errors resulting from them.
  • Limits money transfer errors resulting from the incorrect account number.
  • It is easy for bank customers to carry out money transfers.
  • Reduces costs and improves operational efficiency in processing transfers.

The International Bank Account Number in Palestine consists of (29) digits, and the following is an example of the International Bank Account Number for a Cairo Amman Bank client:

PS ## CAAB 0801000003350011122200

  • PS: the state of Palestine.
  • ##: the check number consists of 2 numbers and is used to verify the correctness of the account number.
  • CAAB: the first 4 digits of the bank’s SWIFT code.
  • 0801: account branch number.
  • 0000: for internal use of the bank.
  • 3350011122200: your current account number.

You can obtain IBAN numbers for all your accounts through the bank’s branches, the bank’s website, and your account statements will include your IBAN number posted at the top of the statement.

No. IBAN is a formula that represents your current account number in a way that can be identified throughout Palestine and the world, and the last 13 digits are your account number with Cairo Amman Bank.

Yes. When executing any outgoing or incoming transfers to and from their customers, banks are obligated to ensure that the checkboxes for the International Bank Account Number of the beneficiary of the transfer are correct, as the bank has the right to refuse to execute any transfer that has incorrect checkboxes for the IBAN.

Yes, if the beneficiary’s bank is located in a country that applies IBAN. Otherwise, the request will be rejected.

Yes. This is for all of your accounts that accept outgoing transfers, incoming transfers, or both.

In the event of receiving transfers to your account, whether from inside or outside Palestine, you must always provide the person transferring to your account with your IBAN.

To send transfers from your account to another beneficiary’s account, whether inside or outside Palestine, you must always request the beneficiary to provide you with their IBAN, if any.

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