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The Program for Financing Renewable Energy Projects, Energy Efficiency Projects, and Environmental Projects "Shams" - Phase Two

  • Facilitating the access of individuals and Palestinian SMEs to the necessary bank financing to support investments in energy efficiency projects, renewable energy projects, and environmentally friendly projects in Palestine, and expanding the amount of credit provided to this important sector.
  • Stimulating and supporting green investments that enhance services and technologies that have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Focusing on energy efficiency projects in the first place.
  • Loans granted to private sector institutions, whether they are:
    1. For individual projects
    2. SMEs (according to the European Union’s definition of SMEs: they are enterprises in which the number of employees does not exceed 250 and whose revenues do not exceed 50 million euros, and their assets do not exceed 43 million euros).
  • Includes existing projects or new projects of economic feasibility.
  • Projects that are legitimate and do not contradict the morally, politically, and socially applicable laws.
  • Projects that comply with environmental and societal laws.

Commercial Loan.

The financing rate is determined according to the needs of each project.

Both the repayment period and the grace period of the loan given are determined by the cash flow of the financed project:

Repayment Period
Repayment period for all financed projects is not less than 36 months according to the monthly installments with added interests.
The possibility of granting a grace period to some projects.

The “Sunref Palestine” program offers the beneficiaries of the “Shams” program the opportunity to obtain a fund provided by the European Union upon the successful implementation of the project with the agreed technical specifications. The percentage of the fund varies according to the type of project and is determined for each project separately by the technical committees.

  • Technical specifications of the machines and/or equipment to be purchased with price quotation.
  • Feasibility study for the project.
  • Implementation agreement (contractor: inclusive of all costs and prices).
  • Approvals/licensing from the relevant authorities, if necessary, “Jordan Electricity Company, Energy Regulatory Commission, the municipalities, etc.”.
  • The technical request is prepared by the executing company.
  • Submitting a written request supported by a credit inquiry, sources of income, and payment.
  • Any other documents required to complete the final approvals.

List of equipment accredited by SUNREF
This list is not restrictive and projects using other types of equipment may also be eligible