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Chairman's Message

Welcome to Cairo Amman Bank’s website!

Your visit is important to us; we at Cab consider the web as our window to introduce our esteemed customer with our latest innovations in banking services and products. It also allows us to acquaint you with CAB’s vision and mission that lead the way to mark us as a leading bank in retail.

CAB’s philosophy to be an integral part of development, our aspiration to maintain the livelihood of fellow Jordanians has endowed our management recognition by Forbes to name us as the strongest management in Jordan.

The products and services offered by CAB are contrived with the ambition of merging and assisting the individuals to pave the way to excel the domestic Jordanian economy. CAB role was acknowledged by Fobres to rank us as one of the strongest 22 banks and financial institutions in the Arab world.

CAB’s prudent management was validated in 2008 as the financial crisis took its toll on all economic sectors for a spectrum of 5 years; we have shown resilience throughout by introducing financial solutions that contributed to support middle and low income individuals to overcome the hardships of the phase, these efforts were crowned by placing CAB at the forefront of Social services and allowed us to post distinctive profits.

Your support, trust and confidence has motivated us to spread our branch network to reach 90 branches and consultancy centers and 173 ATM spread throughout the kingdom. In Palestine we have spread our network to reach 22 branches and 47 ATMs.

Five decades of achievements, experience and aspiration to serve fellow Jordanians and shareholder with solid financial and ethical grounds are placed at the disposal of our customers. Our spectrums of specialized and tailored products are a beacon in the financial industry. Human resources development is a priority and thus our drive to become a leader in the banking sector.

Welcome again to Cairo Amman Bank!

Yazid Adnan Al-Mufti

Chairman of the Board