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Commercial Services

  1. Export Credits Promote/notify/modify/pay credits for export operations, in addition to credit transfers/corresponding credit issuance.
  2. Import Credits Issuance/amendment/payment of credits for import operations.
  3. Uptime Credits
    1. Issuance/amendment of the issued equipment credits, and the notification/amendment of the incoming equipment credits, in addition to the possibility of enhancing them.
    2. Deduction of withdrawals/export credits.
  1. Issuance/amendment of local bank guarantees of all kinds (bid entry, good execution, advance payment, retained payment, maintenance, customs, shipping, payment guarantees, corresponding guarantees, facility guarantees).
  2. Issuance/amendment of foreign bank guarantees of all kinds.
  3. Notify/enhance warranties received without or liability.
  1. Execution of requests for the collection of issued documentaries for export operations.
  2. Collecting the value of the incoming documentary policies for import operations, in addition to the possibility of enhancing the payment of this type of policies.

Note: all of the above terms and conditions are subject to the grant policies of Cairo Amman Bank.