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Cairo Amman bank provides contact center services in the highest technical standards, our valued customers are able to obtain directly many banking services without the need to refer to branches by calling our bank’s contact number: 1700701701 Or 0097022977101

You can reach us 12/7

Contact center services include:

Card services
  • Stop any of customer’s cards (credit cards, debit cards)
  • Activate temporary stopped debit card
  • Resend the pre-established PIN of the debit card only (as a text message) to the customer's mobile number approved by the bank
  • Inquiries about cards balances (Outstanding, available)
  • Inquiries about Credit Cards payments
  • Activate/stop the limit of internet on (debit card and credit cards)
  • Manage debit card accounts only (add / cancel / change a primary account)
Banking services 
  • Inquiries about all banking products and services
  • Inquiries about account balances and transaction
  • Inquiries about all kind of accounts
  • Branches and ATM’s network
  • Request cheque book
  • Send the IBAN and SWIFT code


Regional Management

Ramallah – Palestine

Tel: +9702 2977230

Call Center: 1700 701 701

To call from outside Palestine: +9702 2977101

Fax: +9702 2979748


P.O. Box 1870, Ramallah, Palestine