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Online Banking


  1. CAB will never ask you for your account information by email nor SMS. Do not reply to any email or SMS asking for your personal details, please contact the bank if you receive such notifications immediately.
  2. Your PIN number is personal, secrete and known only to you. In no circumstances will a member of CAB staff ever ask you to disclose it.
  3. We advise you to type the online URL, do not use links provided by other sites every time you want to use online banking.
  4. Make sure you see the padlock icon in the address bar and click on it to check the website’s identity, It should be identified as “”
  5. You should use the (log out) option when you complete your banking browsing.
  6. If you suspect that any of your security details are compromised, please call our Call Centre at 0097022977581، 0097022977582, 0097022977583, 1700-701-701 immediately for necessary action.
  7. CAB is NOT liable for any loss arising from your sharing of your User Ids, passwords, cards, card numbers or PIN’s with anyone, NOR from their consequent unauthorized use