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Make deposits that will
enhance your future

Time Deposit Account

Competitive rates and flexible maturity dates to match your needs! Get yourself more return on investment with our fixed deposit account.


  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Available in all major currencies (USD, JOD, Euro, NIS and Sterling Pound).
  • Flexible maturity dates starting from one week to five years.
  • Auto renewal of deposit period with the ability to either add the amount of interest made on the deposit in maturity dates to the original balance or simply transferring the amount of interest made to any of your accounts.
  • Premature encashment of Fixed Deposits is also allowed (Subject to charges).
  • The Minimum amount of deposit is JOD 3,000, USD 5,000, ILS 10,000, EURO 3,000, or GBP 3,000.
  • You can use your deposit amount as collateral against loans with competitive rates.