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    Thank you for your interest in working with us at CAB. To give us an opportunity to know more about your qualifications, skills, and experience, please fill out this application completely and accurately in Arabic or English and enclose a copy of your CV. There is no need to enclose copies of academic and professional certificates at this stage, yet it is recommended to have them ready to be provided upon request. Submission of this application form doesn’t constitute any commitment from the bank.

    Preferred Field of Work

    Personal Information According to National ID


    Academic Qualifications

    Professional Experience


    Training Courses / Professional Certificates


    Do you have relatives working at the bank?


    Have you previously worked at the bank?


    Authorization to Inquire About Credit Status and Returned Cheques

    I hereby authorize Cairo Amman Bank to inquire and verify my financial and credit status on the website of the Credit Information Bureau and the website of the Returned Cheques Office at the Palestinian Monetary Authority at any time during the contractual relationship with the bank, without the need for my consent or notification each time. The bank shall bear no responsibility for this matter.

    Declaration and Authorization

    I, the undersigned, declare that the information and attachments I have provided in/with this application form are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct, true, and complete. I also understand that if I include any details that are false or if I withhold relevant information, I may render myself liable to disqualification, dismissal, and legal proceedings.
    I also agree to make the prescribed medical checks and provide the bank with any documents required to proceed with the recruitment process.
    I hereby agree and consent to CAB seeking clearance/verification from the appropriate parties.
    This declaration shall, if employed by CAB, constitute an integral part of any contractual arrangements between CAB and myself.