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Cairo Amman Bank Announces Last Car Winner of GO Youth Account Campaign

September 25, 2022

Cairo Amman Bank announced the winner of the 4th Nissan Micra, in its campaign on the “GO” account for youth. The prize was the share of the savings account holder at Al Mahd Square Branch – Bethlehem – Aya Abdel Khalil.

The winner, who is 26 years old, expressed her happiness with the car, saying that she opened the account, with the encouragement of her fellow teachers, and that she is very happy to be part of the Cairo Amman Bank family. “I opened the savings account when I started working. My colleagues were telling me about GO for youth and the prizes it offers,” says Aya, adding that she did not expect to win the car. It is noteworthy that the GO youth campaign ended last August, but the “GO” program for youth is continuing with its various benefits. The campaign included a draw on 4 Nissan Micra cars, in addition to monthly cash prizes of $5,000, distributed to 10 winners, the value of each prize is $ 500, and facilities linked to exemptions from commissions, and loans with reduced interest.