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Cairo Amman Bank Announces Second Winner of $250K in “As You Save, You Will Find” Campaign

January 25, 2023

The second grand prize belonged to Shaher Jbarah Fayez Jbarah, who has been saving with Cairo Amman Bank – Tulkarm branch for over 10 years.

The winner expressed his great pleasure for winning the grand prize, pointing that winning wasn’t on his expectations list, and adding that he is very happy to be part of Cairo Amman Bank’s family.

The winner, Shaher, thanked the bank’s employees for their warm welcome, as he was the last winner of the “As You Save, You Will Find” campaign.

It is worth mentioning that the “As You Save, You Will Find” campaign had lasted for 10 months, during which the bank offered weekly cash prizes of $15,000, monthly prizes of $50,000, and two grand prizes of $250,000 as part of its strategy aimed at excellence in providing the best banking programs and services.