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E-SADAD Platform for Bill Review and Payment

E-SADAD is a digital platform managed by the Palestinian Monetary Authority, designed for electronic billing and payment. It connects service providers (billers) with banks and electronic payment companies.

One Platform for All-Service Bill Payments

Through a comprehensive platform, you can inquire about and pay bills, fees, and installments for all services provided by private companies, government entities, local authorities, and universities, in addition to electricity, water, telecommunications, internet, education, electronic subscription cards, property taxes, association services, and municipal services.


Speed… Security… High Reliability…

How to Access and Use E-SADAD Platform?

To access and use the E-SADAD platform, you can use banking applications on smartphones and electronic wallets for payment services, as well as “Hukumati” application.

To access the E-SADAD platform and inquire about and pay bills, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your banking application or financial e-wallet.
  2. When you click on the bill payment service in the banking application, you will find the E-SADAD platform.
  3. You will need to register your bills “once only”.
  4. You can start using the platform, paying bills, and fees.

Link the service for once only to make it available to all banks and payment service companies:

  1. Provide instant procedures for presenting and paying bills using receipt and order technologies (Push & Pull).
  2. Reduce the collection period for bill-related payments.
  3. Consolidate the interaction in a single connection point to reduce the costs of investment and development in multiple systems and software resulting from linking with payment service providers.
  4. Provide marketing opportunities and additional payment channels to enhance the quality of services provided to customers.
  5. Provide a unified system for conducting electronic reconciliations with all electronic payment service providers (banks, payment service providers).
  6. Reduce the costs of settlement procedures.

*For more information, contact 1700701701.

*International number: 0097022977101.