Since its foundation as a public shareholding company on June 11th 1960, Cairo Amman Bank has repeatedly revolutionized the Jordanian banking landscape, effectively utilizing its solid capital base and longstanding experience to provide an extensive lineup of advanced banking solutions. The bank’s pioneering services have added a new dimension to countless high profile projects in Palestine which helps reinforce the local economy, and helps meeting its clients’ prompt financial needs, these services include personal loans through salary transfers, financing small and medium enterprises, investment services, credit cards and wire transfer.

Boasting a unique and integrated network of branches in Palestine, Cairo Amman Bank offers a wide variety of innovative banking services to an ever-growing client base. The bank also provides a variety of electronic banking services through its website,, which can be accessed anywhere at any time. These revolutionary services embody the bank’s new corporate identity, which embraces modernity, openness and communication. The bank’s policy as a financial institution aims to simplify banking and make it more accessible to clients, thereby liberating them from the fetters of conventional practices. Cairo Amman Bank strives to reach every corner in Palestine.

As part of Cairo Amman Bank’s commitment to delivering easy accessibility to its clients, the bank has positioned a wide network of ATM machines strategically located in various key spots in Palestine. Cairo Amman Bank takes pride in being the first bank in the world to pioneer the use of Iris Recognition print as a mean for identity verification, which has allowed the banks’ clients the convenience of foregoing ATM cards and PIN codes, whereby the system identifies customers’ ID and access their accounts automatically at the bank’s teller counters or ATM machines. This identity verification system has resulted in more convenient and secure banking experience to its clients through modern technology.

With a high caliber banking staff, investment and financial experts, the bank actively contributes to the national economy by making banking services more accessible to society members, thereby improving the standards of living of the Palestinian individual.

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