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Trading online Service in forex market (the largest trading market in the world) by trading currencies and precious metals and make a profit depending on the difference between the sale price and purchase price.

This service provides trading services in major currencies such as the euro and the pound sterling and the Swiss franc and Australian dollar, it also provides an opportunity trading currencies cross (such as the euro yen, pound sterling against the euro and other major currencies and gold and silver), and provide information on the currency during all day through the Internet.

Cairo Amman Bank has launched the CABFX Forex and precious metals trading platform to provide up-to-date investments and keep pace with the global market.

  • Instant and direct online transactions 24 hours a day
  • Trades in many currency pairs in addition to precious metals ( Gold and silver)
  • 10% margin level on the minimum amount of 1,000$ to open account
  • You can withdraw and deposit by visiting any of our branches in Jordan or by sending a request to withdraw or deposit using your e-mail
  • You can trade with us through your personal account at any branch in Jordan
  • The program interface is fully adjustable, which enables investors to form CABFX platform according to their needs.
Demo AccountThis is the fastest and easiest way to open a demo account. All you have to do is to complete the application online. Follow the Link:
“Login to Demo account”.
Live AccountYou can open a live account upon visiting the Treasury Department and receiving the following information on currency trading.

Please choose the platform type you wish to trade in, so you may begin trading with CABFX.

Advanced Trader
Advanced Web Trader New Version
CABFX for Android
MAC OS platform
Windows platform
Trade currencies online with a professional software enhanced feature and performances, advanced analysis and charting tools designed with the professional trader in mind.

Advanced Trader
Do you need more performance? Trade currencies online with a professional software. Enhanced features and performances, advanced analysis and charting tools designed with the professional trader in mind.
  1. Fully integrated desktop application.
  2. Very user-friendly and easy to use.
  3. Quick download (Java based).
  4. Unmatched execution speed.
  5. No re-quotes nor re-confirmations necessary.
  6. Print out any banking reports you need anytime.
  7. Advanced analysis and charting tools.
Advanced Web Trader New Version 2.0
Do you need more flexibility? Enables your to trade currency online from a simple web browser anywhere in the world. Absolutely no download needed, this platform even works behind a firewall.
  1. Support every kind of browser on any kind of computer, (Windows, Mac osx, Linux).
  2. Increased flexibility.
  3. No download needed.
  4. Works behind firewalls.
  5. Numerous order entry capable.
  6. CAB Practice Account provides Live Quotes, Charts and Streaming News.
CABFX promises performance and transparency. We offer the most competitive trading platform and affordable terms. This section is dedicated to explaining the complexities of the foreign exchange market and our trading execution policy. We suggest that all clients read this section carefully to familiarize themselves with the following terms and conditions to trade in a fully transparent environment.

Trading during open hours:
Open and un-interrupted Forex trading hours are from 23:00 CET Sunday to 23:00 CET Friday (be aware that Gold and Silver trading is only available from 7.30 CET till 22.30 CET). During these times the platform is tradable Amman/Jordan time):
Dealing Desk Hours:
From 8:00 Am – 04:30 Pm Tel: +962 6 5006020
From 04:30 Pm -10:00 Pm +962 79 9225229
Technical Support:
From 08:00 Am – 10:00 Pm Tel: +962 79 7437999
Sales Support:
from 08:00am – 10:00pm Tel: +962 6 5006776
  • In normal market conditions (in case full liquidity is available and fluctuation is little), spot requests are met at the price asked by the customer (WYCIWYG) without any displacement or slippage.
  • Closing on the best market prices results in complying with the customer’s request at best market price available. This can be advantageous or disadvantageous to the customer.
  • CABFX offers very competitive price differences, and gives its customers about 70 % of the liquidity of international currency trading through a number of its liquidity providers who are among the biggest financial organizations in the world.
  • Any limit and stop-loss orders are implemented as soon as the market reaches the price specified by the customer, which can be called “incentive”. Limit and stop-loss orders are implemented at the best market price; and this can be advantageous or disadvantageous to the customer.
  • Sell and purchase orders will be implemented when demand on a certain price stabilizes. No sell or purchase orders will be implemented when prices are changing.
  • Any limit and stop-loss orders are implemented as soon as the market reaches the price specified by the customer, which can be called “incentive”. Limit and stop-loss orders are implemented at the best market price; and this can be advantageous or disadvantageous to the customer.
  • Price differences are subject to increase during market fluctuations while financial organizations use hedging to avoid the increasing risk in these cases. CABFX strives to keep the price difference increase at minimum levels for minimum time. This highlights the importance of our partnership with several liquid providers to allow our systems to pick up the best supply and demand prices offered by banks which provide us with liquidity.
  • These are markets in which trading volumes are relatively small or become so when important economic or political statements are made, which also is attributable to paucity of buyers and sellers in international currencies markets. These incidences frequently occur immediately after market opening on Sundays, and immediately after the closing of New York markets on Fridays. Usually, price differences increase after the opening of Tokyo markets between 01:00 and 02:00 hours mid-Europe time. Usually, in these circumstances there may be a relative increase in price differences.
  • In these market circumstances, and exceptional cases of worldwide economic slowdown and credit constriction among banks, price differences may grow larger in these markets because liquidity providers hedge their risks.

The foreign exchange markets close on the weekends as liquidity drops to untradeable levels. The weekend starts at 23:00 CET on Friday and ends at 23:00 CET on Sunday (be aware that Gold and Silver trading is only available from 1.00 AM CET till 23.00 CET). During these times all CABFX trading platforms are not tradable and can only be accessed on a “view-only” basis. Furthermore, the dealing desk and customer support services are suspended.

  • No spot orders can be submitted during weekend holidays, and prices on the platforms all get frozen (because no prices are offered).
  • Conditions and orders suspended during the weekend cannot be changed.
  • Limit and stop loss orders are implemented (including limit, stop loss, and conditional stop loss orders, an order that supersedes another order, an order that is conditional on completion of another order, and two orders that implementation of either cancels the other) “at the best market price” at the time of opening on Sunday; consequently a limit or a stop loss order becomes “a spot order at the best market price” at the opening price.
  • Please be aware that gaps occur in the market between Friday closing time and Sunday opening time. A gap in prices may lead to floating an open situation on basis of the first available price at market opening time.

CABFX urges its customers to take this information into consideration when trading at the foreign currencies market. It is extremely important to properly utilize the instant tools offered by CABFX, and to carefully ponder the risks that might be faced during trading at the international currency market. CABFX commits itself to offer the most competitive trading conditions and a trading platform that is continuously updated and improved with due consideration for fast implementation and performance.   

AUDCAD -1.32 0.07
AUDCHF 3.97 -6.56
AUDJPY 4.19 -6.68
AUDNZD -0.1 -1.13
AUDUSD -1.09 0.1
CADCHF 5.06 -8.29
CADJPY 5.3 -8.43
CHFJPY -0.47 -1.19
CHFNOK -22.19 8.78
EURAUD -7.42 4.38
EURCAD -8.51 5.16
EURCHF 1.05 -3.22
EURGBP -6.58 3.47
EURJPY 1.55 -3.39
EURNOK -17.84 6.71
EURNZD -6.69 3.8
EURUSD -8.35 5.07
GBPAUD -2.4 -0.1
GBPCAD -3.71 0.76
GBPCHF 5.19 -10.51
GBPJPY 6.23 -10.71
GBPNOK -13.07 2.23
GBPNZD -1.61 -1.08
GBPUSD -3.4 0.54
NOKJPY 0.99 -2.06
NZDCAD -1.67 0.35
NZDCHF 3.17 -5.42
NZDJPY 3.35 -5.52
NZDUSD -1.46 0.38
USDCAD -1.07 -0.78
USDCHF 6.38 -11.14
USDJPY 7.3 -11.18
USDNOK -11.38 1.58
XAGUSD -8.49 3.19
XAUUSD -18.44 11.09
CABFX Team Working Hours
Customer support service is available 5/24 from Monday 8:00 AM on to Friday 10:00 PM GMT Jordan.
Contact Information
Dealing Desk:
from 08:00am – 04:30pm Tel: +962 6 500 60 20
from 04:30pm – 10:00pm +962 79 922 52 29
Treasury sales and technical support :
Tel: +962 6 500 63 63 Or +962 79 7437999
  e-mail address: [email protected]
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